MasonProof™: For Building that Wall (and Beyond)

Masonry Waterproofing

The hot topic as of late seems to be the act of building a wall. When it comes to this type of structure, the first thing that comes to mind is concrete. A lot of concrete.

Are you in the process of planning the construction of a wall? Or how about one of the following:

  • Highway bridges
  • Buildings
  • Parking garages

When it comes to any of these, concrete will most likely be used in some capacity – often playing a major role. What you need to prepare for is how the integrity of your structure will stack up over time. The key opponent of concrete structures is moisture. Moisture is destructive and can cut the life of a structure exponentially if it’s allowed to penetrate whatever it is you’re looking to build.

When any type of masonry job comes into contact with water, it will absorb an amount which is entirely dependent on how porous the material is you’re building with. Water is the main cause of structural damage such as:

  • Cracking/fractures
  • Frost damage
  • Algal growth
  • Salt efflorescence
  • Warping
  • Spalling

So, how are you protecting your wall (or whatever it is you’re building)? You can’t just build it and expect to keep out damaging foreign entities such as water or worse yet water with corrosive chlorides indefinitely. If you don’t take preventative measures to prevent water/moisture ingress, the structure will be compromised right out of the gate…

The aforementioned potential threats can easily be prevented or significantly reduced by utilizing hydrophobic impregnation with a hydrophobizer like MasonProof.


We’re glad you asked.

MasonProofis a blended compound that is a colorless, non-film-forming treatment for all types of mineral substrates (masonry).

The result: Extremely long term inhibition of capillary absorption of water while maintaining the substrate’s breathability, color, and texture. There also exists no skin to peel or damage.

“How do I achieve/maintain this?”

Short answer: Contact Global Environmental Solutions (GES).

Longer answer: As a technological pioneer in masonry impregnation, GES introduced its revolutionary product, MasonProof to the world. Like all GES products, MasonProofwas created for the earth, with the earth in mind – utilizing green practices (it’s constructed from solvent-free organo-silane/siloxane concentrates) while offering highly efficient and effective solutions for permanent building protection.

Advantages of MasonProof:

  • Drastic reduction in water uptake (>95%)
  • Retention of high water-vapor permeability
  • Permanent or extremely long-lasting effects thanks to good penetration power and very high UV resistance
  • Adequate resistance to alkalis
  • No gloss and no tack
  • Low environmental impact

Main Applications

  • Clay Brick
  • Concrete Block
  • Sand-lime Brick
  • Mortar
  • Sandstone
  • Granite
  • Mineral plaster
  • Marble
  • Stucco
  • Concrete
  • Clay tile
  • Primer for exterior paints and plasters (resin coatings, emulsion coatings)

Engineers, construction contractors and builders alike have had to deal with the destructive chemical reactions cement-based building materials suffer. Water acts as the reaction medium or solvent in this destruction. By utilizing MasonProofas a working piece of your construction plans, you can nip this problem in the bud, maintain structural integrity and aesthetics and avoid some of the shortcomings of other solutions on the market such as film former / barrier type technologies (coatings), which have been widely used, but due to weathering and ultra violet exposure these coatings have a limited lifespan – from a year to five years – leaving you with the serious repeat maintenance down the road.

FYI (More about MasonProof):

MasonProofis a non-solvent based organo-silane product that represents nano technology water proofing. MasonProofworks at the microscopic level preventing the water molecules from being able to enter whatever substrate is being protected. The penetrants in the MasonProofchemically react with the substrate and provide molecular level hydrophobicity.

MasonProofcan be easily applied by spray, brush or roller to new or existing masonry structures to protect them from mildew, fungus, efflorescence, leaching, staining, scaling, and spalling Corrosion of steel within reinforced concrete is reduced or eliminated. Nano sized MasonProofpenetrates up to 5mm deep into the substrate and provides repellency into the pores of cementitious structures where other film formers like silicone resins, acrylic resins and epoxy resins cannot penetrate. Because it functions at the microscopic level it does not eliminate the breathability of the treated structure.

So, when you set out to build your wall (or whatever project you’re stirring up that concrete for), keep MasonProofin mind as the additive you take advantage of to assure longevity, integrity, and all the resounding good looks you want your structure to have, today, tomorrow, and well on into the future. While water is imperative to sustain life, it’s not an element you want lingering around (or within) your structure. Tackle it at the outset and avoid calling a state of emergency address in a year or two.

MasonProof: Powerful waterproofing solution from the inside out.

To learn more, contact GES today!