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    A park is fundamentally built around different uses of the land that houses it. Therefore, you’re going to run into different challenges with regard to how to treat the soil in different parts of the park depending on how utilization of the varying pieces will be used. You want firm soil that eliminates dust and enables for clean, aesthetically pleasing landscaping. There’s a lot to it. You can’t control the stressors being put on your soil from foot traffic or mother nature, but you can control how your soil reacts. Luckily, we’ve got the solution to best outfit all of the many “environments” that exist within the environment of a park.

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    “First off, this is the best feeling tee pads I have ever played on. They are awesome. The grip when wet or dry is awesome. This material (DirtGlue® Polymer Pavement System) needs to be promoted for more usage in disc golf. It is great.”

    – Mack Tobias, 7th Grade Science Teacher
    Flat Rock Middle School Disc Golf Club, NC

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