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Masonry projects from foundations to chimneys require proper barrier remediation – masonry waterproofing – to protect from, quite simply, the elements.

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  • When it comes to new constructions and the long-term protection of a structure, proper measures must be taken to assert the longest life possible for the given entity.

    Masonry projects from foundations to chimneys require proper barrier remediation – masonry waterproofing – to protect from, quite simply, the elements. Because once water is in, the entire structure is compromised. So, rather than be reactive in a moment when it’s likely too late, be proactive and hit the issue before it becomes an issue.

    Masonry waterproofing is vital to ensure the following:

    Prevent Mold

    Seems simple, doesn’t it? Mold occurs when structures haven’t been properly waterproofed and the introduction of the formation of fungal organisms begins to multiply quite rapidly. Why is this an issue? Well, there are several issues. The most dire is the fact that mold poses a great health threat to you, your family, and anyone else living or working in the compromised structure. Further, mold will rot a building from the inside out if it’s not addressed. Good by property value, good by property. In short: mold is bad. The good news is, it can be combatted before it even has a chance to exist.

    Maintain Structure

    This goes hand in hand with the last one, but structural damage takes on different shapes, sizes, and subject matter. As mentioned, the structural integrity of a building is at risk if the property hasn’t been properly waterproofed at the outset. Science (and common sense) informs us that concrete, wood, bricks, and even stones absorb water to different degrees, leading the framework of a structure to weaken over time. In short: absorption is bad. Once water has entered the property in question and caused even the smallest degree of damage, it’s costly to restore the building’s structural integrity, and nearly impossible to restore that integrity to 100%.

    Protect Cosmetic Integrity

    This may seem silly to some, but in the long run, cosmetic blemishes are cause for folks to “judge a book by its cover,” and, further, that cover could be an accurate look at what may lie beneath. Cosmetic integrity can compromise not only physical integrity, but structural values as well. Water stains on a wall, floor, or structure ruin the overall look of the room and are hard to remove without having to replace the brick, wood, sheetrock, or concrete. If a water stain has reared it’s ugly head, the internal damage already exists – a losing situation all around.

    Masonry waterproofing is the most imperative piece of the equation when you set out to protect your construction project. Therefore, plan ahead. Don’t tax your budget at the outset and cheap out at the end. The consequences make the entire operative process moot.

    Global Environmental Solutions has launched our combative line of masonry waterproofing product, which revolutionizes the industry and where to look for (and achieve) extreme protection for all applicable structures. That product is MasonProof™, the only proven masonry waterproofing product on the market that protects from the inside out. This inside-out protection is unique, and continues working even if the surface becomes scratched or chipped. That uniqueness also makes MasonProof™ impervious to UV degradation – a trait not found in other masonry waterproofing solutions, which are often just an external barrier.

    Global Environmental Solutions MasonProof solution:

    • Is not a film-former like other products on the market
    • Is not a surface sealer like other products on the market
    • It penetrates deeply into the masonry substrate, working from the inside out
    • It is, for all intents and purposes, permanent waterproofing protection

    How it works

    MasonProof™ is simple to use and can be easily applied by spray, brush or roller to new or existing masonry structures to protect them from mildew, fungus, efflorescence, leaching, staining, scaling, and spalling corrosion of steel within reinforced concrete is reduced or eliminated.

    Nano sized MasonProof™ penetrates up to 5mm deep into the substrate and provides repellency into the pores of cementitious structures where other film formers like silicone resins, acrylic resins, and epoxy resins cannot penetrate. Because it functions at the microscopic level it does not eliminate the breathability of the treated structure.

    Ideal for use on:

    • Bricks and mortar
    • Concrete slabs
    • Paths and driveways
    • Masonry blocks and pavers
    • Cement render walls
    • Stucco
    • Grout

    Contact Global Environmental Solutions today to learn more about powerfully combatting your masonry waterproofing needs and so much more. Our products are for the earth, with the earth in mind.

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