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Constructing, repairing, or rebuilding a patio? Rather than buying and paying a premium for polymerized sand, you only by the polymer. You source the sand locally and mix our DirtGlueDry powdered polymer into it and then apply it as you would nay polymerized sand.

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  • Constructing, repairing, or rebuilding a patio?

    We’ll start with the obvious first question: What are you using for infill material?

    Sand? Gravel? Clay? Cement? Mortar? Stone dust?

    Consider our DirtGlueDry® powdered polymer solution if you appreciate the notion of “working smarter, not harder” when it comes to this application and ending up with a solution that is durable and permanent.

    When mixed with appropriate filler material like the proper type of sand or a sand / stone dust blend and then wetted, DirtGlueDry® powdered polymer cures to form a hardened infill material that is resistant to insect and weed infestation. The product is also proven to tolerate pressure washers and leaf blowers allowing periodic cleaning of the patio without necessitating new infill be put back in after cleaning. It’s strength is unrivaled by other solution sets on the market.

    A nice feature is that rather than buying and paying a premium for polymerized sand, you only by the polymer. You source the sand locally and mix our DirtGlueDry powdered polymer into it and then apply it as you would nay polymerized sand. There is a second advantage too. You can control how much polymer is added thereby controlling the strength and increasing the application lifespan if you want to. With ready-mixed polymerized sand you only have the percentage of polymer binder that the manufacturer provides – it is not adjustable and you pay considerably more because you are paying to have sand packaged and shipped when you can easily and much more cheaply source it locally, yourself.

    Once you’ve got the infill set, it’s time to focus on the piece of the patio that you actually see, which of course, is the surface…

    Engineers, construction contractors, builders, and you, the common DIY home owner deal with the destructive chemical reactions cement-based building materials suffer due mainly to the exposure to water, which acts as a reaction medium or solvent in this destruction. You work tirelessly to make repairs, and patch compromised spots within the infrastructure of your patio. Why not consider a solution that, quite simply, lasts?

    Film formers/barrier type technologies (coatings) have been widely used, but due to weathering and ultra violet exposure these coatings have limited lifespan and thus periodic reparative applications are required. This issue has been revolutionarily remediated with the all-inclusive protective properties of MasonProof™.

    MasonProof™ is used as a waterproofing agent on any masonry surface including but not limited to patios.
    It can be used for:

    • Concrete
    • Brick
    • Clay tiles
    • Grout
    • Rock
    • Mortar
    • Stonework
    • and more…

    MasonProof™ permanently waterproofs the treated masonry preventing scaling spalling, staining etc.

    In reinforced concrete MasonProof™ also prevents corrosion expansion, which is water, or worse, salt water, which seeps into untreated concrete far enough to reach the reinforcing steel (rebar, re-rod, reinforcing wire, etc.) and causes the steel to corrode. As steel corrodes the rust that is created during the process expands the size of the corroding piece and stresses the concrete from the inside out, eventually causing the concrete to crack as corrosion and the inherent expansion continues. Left long enough the concrete will crack to the point of failure.

    Global Environmental Solutions MasonProof, the Masonry Waterproofing solution:

    • Is not a film-former like other products on the market
    • Is not a surface sealer like other products on the market
    • It penetrates deeply into the masonry substrate, working from the inside out
    • It is, for all intents and purposes, permanent waterproofing protection

    Our MasonProof™ product is simple to use and can be easily applied by spray, brush or roller to new or existing masonry structures to protect them from:

    • Mildew
    • Fungus
    • Efflorescence
    • Leaching
    • Staining
    • Scaling
    • Spalling corrosion of steel within reinforced concrete

    How does MasonProof™ help strengthen the overall infill footprint of your patio and similar outdoor living spaces?

    MasonProof™ penetrates 5mm (or more depending on density of the treated substrate) deep into the substrate and provides repellency into the pores of cementitious structures where other film formers like silicone resins, acrylic resins, and epoxy resins cannot penetrate. Because it functions at the microscopic level it does not eliminate the breathability of the treated structure.

    So, basically, MasonProof™ is good for penetrative, strong supportive use on any general material you’ve used to build out your existing patio, or the patio you’re about to construct (in which case, as we’ve already mentioned, let’s get it right the first time for peace-of-mind moving forward…)

    From patios to walkways, driveways and other outdoor hardscaping projects, trust MasonProof™ to be the bond that locks in longevity to the life of your project.

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