Superfund Sites

Any land in the United States that has been contaminated by hazardous waste
and identified by the EPA as a candidate for cleanup.

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  • Superfund sites… aren’t super at all.

    In 2017, Time Magazine reported that there were over 1,300 superfund sites around the country (all requiring significant, but differing degrees of remedial efforts), and augmented that report with an interactive map (which you can check out here) showcasing all of the spots where superfund sites exist. That’s a little frightening considering: a) there are only 50 states in our fair nation, and: b) these are the only currently known sites.

    What is a superfund site?

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a Superfund site as: any land in the United States that has been contaminated by hazardous waste and identified by the EPA as a candidate for cleanup because it poses a risk to human health and/or the environment. These sites are placed on the National Priorities List (NPL).

    In short, superfund sites aren’t super at all. In fact, they’re terrible. And while cleanup can take years, and sometimes, never be fully remediated of danger, what we can do, at any stage of the process is manage the environment around the given affected area in hopes that the dangerous pollutants don’t spread while remediation efforts are ongoing.

    That’s where Global Environmental Solutions (GES) comes in.

    Superfund sites can secrete such harmful materials/toxins as:

    • Asbestos
    • Dioxin
    • Lead
    • Radiation
    • PCBs
    • Waste oil

    These can spread through any combination of wind, water, or manmade disturbances that move the:

    • Soil (erosion, manual agitation, etc.)
    • Watershed (topically or underground)
    • Air (dust agitation, etc.)

    Thus, in any of these instances, it’s imperative to manage and minimize further damage(s). GES products can be utilized to contain the toxins, thus preventing further widespread danger.

    We’ve successfully provided solutions such as our DirtGlue line of products that work very well at containing contaminated material either permanently onsite (when and where appropriate), or that can be used to contain the contaminated material (dust prevention and sediment/erosion prevention) as the material is being agitated and removed during remediation.

    Where a superfund site exists, management and appropriate remedial management to minimize negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem is imperative.

    Here’s how GES can help:

    DustLess – Keep airborne toxin containing dust that may permeate from superfund sites under control and on the ground, not in the air…

    DirtGlue polymer – encapsulate contaminated stockpiles so toxins don’t move…

    DirtGlue Industrial – Create a hard surface where necessary when there’s a lot of traffic around a superfund site …

    And of course, we’re happy to have a conversation and/or take a look at the challenge you have in front of you and present a custom solution that works for your exact unique need(s).

    Trust experience. Trust GES. For the earth, with the earth in mind.

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