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We’ll work with you to assess your unique terrain challenges and can help you remediate the issue of soil and embankment erosion before it even begins.

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  • Soil erosion and embankment control is a problem that many contractors face when trying to shore a landscape that is subject to runoff from a storm, general rain, or seasonal change.

    It’s a natural process, which occurs due to detachment and movement of topsoil by the action of wind and flowing water. In many cases, the lack of vegetation cover on existing slopes is often responsible for the formation of rills and rain cuts eventually leading to sliding of slopes.

    These soil and embankment erosion control challenges are either met at the outset / design phase of a new construction project, or they’re tackled as the issue pops up organically whether at a property, or on the side of the road where embankments are in no short supply.

    Common solutions that have been employed might include:

    • Planting vegetation such as shrubs, grass, etc. Anything root based.
    • Terraces / walls built of varying materials.
    • Geomats.
    • Pipeline / tunneling.
    • Gravel.

    These are just a few of the common attempted remedies when trying to control the ill effects of soil erosion and embankment stabilization.

    If you’re looking for a smarter, harder working solution, look no further than Global Environmental Solutions. We’ll work with you to assess your unique terrain challenges and can help you remediate the issue of soil and embankment erosion before it even begins.

    Products such as our tried and true DirtGlue® polymer will penetrate the surface by binding with the soil to form a tough, durable, three-dimensional matrix layer of protection. Combining superior film strength and adhesive properties, DirtGlue® polymer is the ideal solution for dust control in non-traffic areas, stockpile capping and stabilizing slopes and embankments. When hydroseeding, substituting DirtGlue® polymer in place of a traditional, old style tackifier increases germination rate, decreases germination time, and eliminates washouts, rilling and, erosion.

    We also have our CompoMulch™ blend to offer, which is a custom blended hydro-mulch that contains 50% sterilized compost/humus mixed with special blend of vegetable fiber (no paper). As is custom in all of our vast line of products, CompoMulch™ is a forward thinking solution to surrounding terrain and soil preparation as it pertains to hydroseeding and planting needs. While similar products exist in the market, our dutifully prepared “solution” which combines two preparation standards in vegetation development. When applied using DirtGlue polymer as the tackifier, it will hold even in the toughest conditions, protecting against heavy rain and wind.

    What we pride ourselves in is working with our customers and offering an onsite consultation to come up with the best, custom package that will fully take care of any soil and embankment erosion control issue you’re faced with. We yield at nothing to make sure that soil and whatever else is included in the terrain stays where it’s meant to be. Because nobody appreciates a washout…

    Contact us today and let’s get to work! All of our products are for the earth, with the earth in mind.

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