Permanent Masonry Waterproofing

MasonProof™ is a colorless, non-film forming, easy-to-apply treatment that penetrates deeply into masonry substrate, inhibiting water absorption while leaving breathability, color, and texture totally unaffected.

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  • When it comes to building, masonry products, such as bricks, blocks, and architectural concrete, can be utilized to showcase the best in both form and function. Used skillfully, these materials can be aesthetically pleasing while providing for superior structural integrity. The downside or challenge with masonry, is that it happens to be quite porous, and when left untreated, can absorb water like a sponge. And, as we all know, water is one of the things most damaging to all types of masonry. No beuno.

    Now, for those of us who happen to live in areas that experience freezing temperatures, we don’t have to look far to see examples of the destructive force of frozen water. Frost heaves on roadways, formed by water penetrating through cracks in pavement during the day, then freezing at night, are a great example. Each winter, in places like the Northeast, thousands of miles of road becoming severely damaged due to this phenomenon. Unfortunately, this same process can occur to foundations, brick walls, masonry columns, walkways, and any other masonry construction that is exposed to the elements. Allow water to soak in, let it freeze and expand, and BOOM! you have a problem on your hands. Allow water with ice-melt products to soak in and you have a worse mess – corrosion expansion and the inevitable cracking and ultimately complete destruction of the masonry structure.

    That’s where MasonProof™ comes in. Easily applied using a sprayer, brush, or roller, MasonProof™ penetrates deep into the substrate, providing extra long lasting water protection essentially from the inside-out. With MasonProof™, there is no more sponge effect, therefore no more expanding, cracking, and other costly damage caused by freezing water.

    Another common issue that occurs in untreated masonry is mildew and fungus. Especially in humid areas, this can pose a serious concern. For one, nothing is more damaging to the aesthetic of beautiful brick or stone work than an overgrowth of mildew and fungus. Second, if left unchecked for long enough, certain organic matter like moss, can actually begin to cause structural damage. Moss holds considerable water for prolonged periods of time, weakening mortar joints and damaging bricks.

    Treating brick or cement walls with MasonProof™ builds an invisible barrier to:

    • Moss
    • Mildew
    • Fungus
    • Other damaging plant matter

    Our revolutionary MasonProof™ product works hard to protect the beauty and integrity of the structures you create for years to come.

    But what about other sealers? What makes MasonProof™ unique? Won’t any surface sealer on the market protect against the issues mentioned above?

    Here’s the scoop…

    Traditional surface sealers such as epoxy or acrylic resins work to form a resinous barrier on the outside of the substrate, hence why they are referred to as “surface sealers.” Using nanotechnology, MasonProof™ is able to penetrate down into the pores of the substrate, which is highly effective for three key reasons.

    1. Since MasonProof™ doesn’t just coat or laminate the surface, the look of the brick, stone, or cement is not obscured with a film of resin like surface sealers.
    2. Because MasonProof™ absorbs deep into the substrate, it is not damaged by UV exposure and does not deteriorate like surface sealers. MasonProof™ soaks so deeply into the masonry structure that it can’t be scratched or abraded off.
    3. Due to the fact that it works at the microscopic level, MasonProof™ does not eliminate the breathability of the treated material.

    So, if you are in the midst of a construction or repair project involving masonry structures and want to have peace of mind knowing that your hard work will be protected for years to come, contact GES today to learn more about what MasonProof™ can do for you.

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