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Dust that can compromise the wellbeing of the environment
and health of life that is exposed to it.

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  • Dust mitigation knows no bounds.

    It’s an issue in nearly every geographic location around the globe. From new constructions and recreational facilities to solar fields or a plain old ever-existing plot of land that sees traffic from time-to-time – the stir of dust is abound. Just look into the sunlight shining through the windowpane. Dust. You can’t avoid it.

    What you can do is manage it. And that’s where Global Environmental Solutions comes in.

    Most people think of dust as just a combination of dirt and wind, but there’s much more to it than that. At the core of the issue, the idea is to keep the earth in place and not give it too much of a chance to whip around and wind up stuck in filters, lungs, and as a pesky top sheet to everything in it’s general radius. Outside of that, there are other materials that can be picked up and distributed through these wisps of dust that can compromise the wellbeing of the environment and health of life that is exposed to it.

    Dust from a construction site can contain materials such as:

    • Heavy metals
    • Silica
    • Asbestos
    • Mold
    • Bacteria
    • Pollen

    Not fun. Exposure to dust containing the aforementioned entities can lead to respiratory problems, even allergic reactions, unstable surfaces, and, at the end of the day, can effect your wallet as well with regard to property liability issues.

    How can you mitigate dust as it exists around you, or as a challenge to an ongoing project?

    Some might tell you to:

    • Water the area
    • Use dust retardant products
    • Spread gravel, hay, mulch, or grass to act as a barrier
    • Restrict movement in affected area

    Those are a few, but you get the point.

    The best option would be to employ the services of Global Environmental Solutions. We’ll consult your unique challenge and position you with one of our award winning DirtGlue® solutions to combat the issue and, for all intents and purposes, remediate the problem long-term.

    DirtGlue® is a liquid concentrate that, when diluted with water and applied to the soil surface, bonds the individual soil particles together and dries to form a “crust” that strengthens the surface of the soil enabling it to prevent dust, sediment, and erosion for extended periods of time.

    For extreme cases like work and/or traffic taking place in the desert or terrain of the like, we’ve got our DustLess® solution that will take complete control.

    DustLess® is an organic fluid typically used in high-traffic areas as a solution for extreme dust. It is an environmentally safe dust suppressant that eliminates the need to water, and does not dry out. Clear and odorless, DustLess® is highly refined, and proven to be non-toxic to humans, animals, marine life and plants. DustLess® comes ready to use (no water or mixing required), making it perfect for applications including (but not limited to):

    • Construction sites
    • Unpaved roads
    • Gravel parking lots
    • Mining sites
    • Quarries
    • Landing sites
    • Sporting arenas
    • Animal habitats

    Along those lines (sporting arenas & animal habitats), Global Environmental Solutions presents ArenaKleen® – a longstanding solution putting the health of the terrain, as well as the animals, riders, and spectators out of harms way and into a healthier environment.

    ArenaKleen® works very well with all types of riding arena footing such as sand, stone dust, finely processed screened gravel, and all of the various blends that include the previous as well as many of the fiber products such as rubber, leather, wood, and blends. Because ArenaKleen® never dries up, never evaporates, never hardens, and does not wash away with rain, it is ideal in outdoor riding rings as well. Even dusty parking areas can benefit from treatment.

    In summation, when it comes to dust mitigation, consider us your all-encompassing dust busting solution that you don’t have to plug in – for “problems” of all shapes and sizes.

    Of course, DustLess and ArenaKleen are environmentally safe.

    Contact Global Environmental Solutions today if you have questions.

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