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DustLess® dust suppressant comes ready to use (no water or mixing required), making it perfect for applications at construction sites, unpaved roads, gravel parking lots, mining sites, and quarries.

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  • Have you ever heard of a lake drying up? Like, completely?

    It’s hard to believe given what it is, but it happens. And, in the wake of such an environmental phenomenon, the dried-up lakebeds can be cause for detrimental hazards to the surrounding eco-system, and the health of those living in proximity to the affected site.

    As an example, check out the Owens Lake project in Sierra Nevada, California. The 17.5-mile-long (by 10 miles wide) is, at its best, three-feet deep. And, in large part, it’s nothing but arid wasteland.

    As it stands <em>“the lake is currently a large salt flat whose surface is made of a mixture of clay, sand, and a variety of minerals including halite, burkeite, mirabilite, thenardite, and trona. In wet years, these minerals form a chemical soup in the form of a small brine pond within the dry lake. When conditions are right, bright pink halophilic (salt-loving) archaea spread across the salty lakebed. Also, on especially hot summer days when ground temperatures exceed 150° F (66 °C), water is driven out of the hydrates on the lakebed creating a muddy brine. More commonly, periodic winds stir up noxious alkali dust storms that carry away as much as four million tons (3.6 million metric tons) of dust from the lakebed each year, causing respiratory problems in nearby residents.”</em>

    Check out this captivating <a href=”http://mavensphotoblog.com/2012/04/07/the-owens-lake-dust-control-project-the-ultimate-human-managed-landscape/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>photoblog</a> to see images of Owens Lake.

    As we mentioned, a lot of harm can come from those wind storms that stir up the arid dust that exists at the core of the lake’s “bed.” The dust includes that gets whipped around and dispersed in the air includes carcinogens such as:
    <li>And more…</li>
    It’s been measured that the winds that whip up the dust of Owens Lake sends it up as much as 10,000 feet up into the atmosphere. According to studies the dry Owens Lakebed was “the largest source of dust emissions in the United States prior to application of dust control measures.”

    That leads us to how Global Environmental Solutions can help in such situations.

    Owens Lake is not the only dry lakebed in the United States (or worldwide). There are quite a few of them. Like the work we’ve done in deserts to alleviate dust emissions created by military traffic (helicopters, all-terrain vehicles, etc.), dust can be a tricky thing. With the application of our DirtGlue suite of products, it can be controlled.

    As a working example, or <a href=”https://globalenvironmentalsolutions.com/ges-products/dustless/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>DustLess<sup>®</sup></a> organic fluid solution is an environmentally safe dust suppressant that eliminates the need to water and does not dry out. Clear and odorless, DustLess<sup>®</sup> is highly refined, and proven to be non-toxic to humans, animals, marine life and plants. DustLess<sup>®</sup> dust suppressant comes ready to use (no water or mixing required), making it perfect for applications at construction sites, unpaved roads, gravel parking lots, mining sites, and quarries.

    The important note here to note is that our products are indeed 100% safe for the environment – this, along with the tried-and-true performance of GES products is what sets us apart from our competitors.

    Most dust suppression treatments just coat the dust particles; DustLess<sup>®</sup> works differently – soaking into the individual soil/dust particles and making them too heavy to move, thus eliminating dust and providing fugitive dust control. It does not form a crust and never evaporates, thereby being unaffected by traffic. DustLess<sup>®</sup> lasts a very long time, often giving you 9-12 months or more of dust control with one application. Furthermore, when it’s time to reapply, it’s done at a much lower usage rate ensuring cost-effective, long lasting fugitive dust control.

    It’s not every day you learn of a community trying to sort out a remedial solution for a dry lakebed. If that’s you, <a href=”https://globalenvironmentalsolutions.com/contact-us/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>give us a call – let’s work through it together</a>.

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