Choosing MasonProof™ for waterproofing masonry of all types, increases water-resistance and provides long-term protection, which is essential for preservation of the structure and preservation of the owner’s dollars.

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  • For the general populace, when it comes to mixing up a batch of concrete we think two obvious things.

    1. Open the ready-mix Portland cement
    2. Mix with water

    And while this isn’t fundamentally incorrect, it’s probably not the best line of thinking from the vantage point of longevity.

    So how best should you approach the task of mixing cement? Add MasonProof™.

    The applicable solution we’re informing you about with this particular application is our MasonProof™. A waterproofing agent suitable for all types of masonry, including but not limited to:

    • Clay tiles
    • Concrete structures
    • Stonework
    • Pavers
    • Patio blocks
    • So much more…

    But first, let’s get to your question:

    Why should you add MasonProof™?

    We’re glad you asked!

    Water is the enemy of concrete! So, when it comes to new concrete applications and the long-term protection of a concrete structure, proper measures must be taken to assert the longest life possible for the given structure. Whether the project is a foundation or a chimney, or anything you can construct with concrete, you’re likely going to want to produce a finished project that lasts for a long, long time. Thus, you need to combat against potential moisture saturation. MasonProof™ does exactly that – protecting the concrete structure from within. As water soaks into and saturates concrete, the entire concrete structure can and will be compromised over time. So, rather than be reactive in a moment when it’s likely too late, be proactive and hit the issue before it becomes an issue.

    Why is this protection better when it is from within rather than an afterthought on the surface?

    Because surface sealers are subjected to UV degradation and abrasion which cause failures. MasonProof™ can’t fail because it is inside the concrete. The MasonProof™ is protected from UV and surface abrasion as it is protecting the concrete itself.

    Advantages of MasonProof™:

    • Drastic reduction in water uptake (>95%)
    • Retention of high water-vapor permeability
    • Permanent or extremely long-lasting effects thanks to very good penetration power, eliminating the concerns of surface abrasion and UV degradation
    • Adequate resistance to alkalis
    • No gloss and no tack
    • Low environmental impact

    How does MasonProof™ work?

    Nano sized MasonProof™ penetrates up to 5mm deep into the substrate (in this case, the concrete!) and waterproofs the internal and external pores of cement-based structures where other film formers like silicone resins, acrylic resins, and epoxy resins cannot penetrate – they sit on the surface exposed to UV and abrasion. Because MasonProof™ functions at the microscopic level it does not eliminate the breathability of the treated structure.

    Choosing MasonProof™ for waterproofing masonry of all types, increases water-resistance and provides long-term protection, which is essential for preservation of the structure and preservation of the owner’s dollars. When compared to competitive solutions you’ll quickly learn that MasonProof™:

    • Is not a film-former like other products on the market
    • Is not a surface sealer like other products on the market
    • It penetrates deeply into the masonry substrate, working from the inside out
    • It is, for all intents and purposes, permanent waterproofing protection

    Mixing MasonProof™ as the additive of choice to your concrete blend sets you up for the extremely long-term inhibition of capillary absorption of water while maintaining the substrate’s breathability, color, and texture. There also exists no skin to peel or damage.

    Like all GES products, MasonProof™ was created for the earth, with the earth in mind – utilizing green practices (it’s constructed from solvent-free organo-silane/siloxane concentrates) while offering highly efficient and effective solutions for permanent building protection.

    So as you gear up for your next project that involves the introduction of concrete and you start in on putting the mix together, remember his information and consider incorporating a polymer into the blend. Else, you’ve done the bare minimum and thus, will likely, at some point, be subject to maximum degradation.

    Examples of potential issues that arise from not applying a polymer substrate to your concrete mix:

    • Cracking/fractures
    • Frost damage
    • Algal growth
    • Salt efflorescence
    • Warping
    • Spalling
    • Expansion corrosion

    MasonProof™ can be mixed in during construction or surface applied and soaks in rather than sitting on the surface. The product is invisible, it does not change the texture of the treated masonry and cannot be scratched off.

    Choose GES and our MasonProof™, solution; we can save a life (the life of your concrete, that is…)

    Questions? In need of a consult for your impending project? We’re happy to hear you and talk through whatever you’re cooking up! Contact us today for a stronger longer lasting project outcome tomorrow…

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